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Shoshanna Levine, IBCLC

Shoshanna started her career as a Labor and Delivery nurse and worked at NYU Langone Medical center for over 6 years.  While there, she oversaw and assisted in the births of well over 1,000 babies!  While working at NYU Shoshanna became a lactation counselor and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  During this time she helped pioneer the Skin to Skin and Babymoon programs at the hospital. 

Following the birth of her own daughter, Shoshanna returned to NYU part-time to teach childbirth education classes and began studying to become an IBCLC Lactation Consultant.  While training Shoshanna worked under the guidance and training of Freda Rosenfeld.  

Shoshanna believes that every woman who wants to breastfeed should have the help and opportunity to do so.  In today’s busy world and with a demanding work culture many women may not have the freedom and flexibility to breastfeed the way they would like.  Shoshanna tailors each visit and  consultation to every client's individual needs, desires and personal breastfeeding goals.

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